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Magazine sales

I am letting go these magazines because I need the space and I hope they get a new home.
Please comment or drop me a message or email to if interested. All items are in good condition unless otherwise stated. Meet-up for New York City buyers is available at my convenience.

I do ship overseas! International buyers please take note:
- Prices are not inclusive of shipping (to you) and PayPal fees
- I am not responsible for any damage/loss due to shipping

Shipping with in the US is $4 with media mail (no Tracking)
International buyers, please consult with me before buying.

Anan No 1597 Feb 13 2008 Cover Yamapi
I have 2 copies, one has some tear in the bottom $6, the other is in good condition $8

Poporo Jan 2005 There are some wear and tear in this magazine $5

Poporo Oct 2007 $8

Poporo Jan 2008 $8

Poporo Feb 2008 $8

Poporo Mar 2008 $8

Gekkan The Television Nov 2007 Cover Kanjani8 $5

Tv Guide Kanto version Feb 14 2009 cover Kattun $5

Tv Guide Kanto version Oct 17 2009 cover Ohkura Tadayoshi & Yasuda Shota

TV guide Kanto version May 26 2010 cover Kanjani $5

Tv Pia Kanto Version May 27 2007 Cover Kanjani8 $5

Tv Pia Kanto version July 16 2008 Cover Matsuoka Masahiro, Hirosue Ryoko, Tabe Mikako & Ohkura Tadayoshi $5

Selling Magazines & CDs [Arashi Fans]

Hi everyone !

I've decided to sell my japanese magazines and all of my singles to finance my studies in Australia. I'm shipping them from France, therefore shipping price is not yet included, I'll have to check it depending on how much products are bought. If interested, contact me throught this post, my LJ, or my email ( Thanks in advance.

All in good shape (no poster).


Oricon Style 12-19/05/2008 - $5
Oricon Style 01/09/2008 - $5
Orista 18/07/2011 - $5


Potato 04/2009 - $7
Potato 09/2009 - $7
Potato 11/2009 - $7
Potato 04/2010 - $7
Potato 08/2011 - $7


Duet 12/2008 - $7
Duet 01/2011 - $7


Myojo 01/ - $7
Myojo 03/ - $7
Myojo 06/ - $7
Myojo 07/ - $7
Myojo 08/ - $7
Myojo 06/ - $7
Myojo 10/ - $7


Poporo 03/2008 - $7
Poporo 08/2008 - $7
Poporo 12/2008 - $7
Poporo 03/2009 - $7
Poporo 04/2009 - $7
Poporo 06/2009 - $7
Poporo 12/2009 - $7
Poporo 05/2010 - $7
Poporo 07/2010 - $7
Poporo 06/2012 - $7


Wink Up 05/2008 - $7
Wink Up 09/2008 - $7
Wink Up 02/2009 - $7
Wink Up 06/2009 - $7
Wink Up 09/2009 - $7
Wink Up 11/2009 - $7
Wink Up 03/2010 - $7
Wink Up 04/2010 - $7
Wink Up 05/2010 - $7
Wink Up 01/2011 - $7

I'm also selling my collection of Arashi's singles. All in very good shape, almost unused.

PB111686 "Kansha Kangeki Ame Arashi" - $10
PB111687 "Nice na Kokoroiki" - $10
PB111688 "Pikanchi" - $10
PB111689 "Kotoba Yori Taisetsu na Mono" - $10
PB111690 "Pikanchi Double" - $10
PB111691 "Kitto Daijoubu" - $10
PB111692 "Aozora Pedaru" - $10
PB111693 "We can make it" - $10
PB111694 "Step and Go" - $10
PB111695 "Everything" - $10
PB111696 "One Love" (limited edition, with DVD) - $17
PB111697 "One Love" - $10
PB111698 "Truth" - $10
PB111699 "Believe" - $10
PB111700 "Beautiful Days" - $10
PB111701 "Ashita na Kioku / Crazy Moon" - $10
PB111702 "Love Rainbow" - $10
PB111703 "Troublemaker" - $10
PB111704 "Meikyuu Love song" - $10
PB111705 "My Girl" - $10
PB111706 "Hatenai Sora" - $10
PB111707 "To be free" ( Limited edition) - $17

If you're interested, I'm also selling KAT-TUN's "White Christmas" single, limited edition for $17.


I'm finally selling my Arashi's photobooks :

PB111680 Aiba Masaki Photobook - $10
PB111681 "Arashigoto" - $20
PB111682 "Arashi is Alive ! + "Remarkable" single" - $30
PB111683 "2010 Arashi East West Dome Report" - $15
art by Ida Rentoul Outhwaite

Any interest?

Hi everyone, I do not currently have the exact issues with me, but I have multiple issues of Shoxx and Cure (with the pull out posters), along with Volume 5. of Gosurori (with the patterns, of course).

Please let me know if you are interested in knowing which issues of Shoxx/Cure I have. All mags are in very good condition!
I am moving out of state pretty soon, and am trying to get rid of all as much bulk as I can before then.

I don't have a set price for these yet, but will basically take the best offer given. Shipping will be around $3 if in the US.

I also have a cloth Moi dix Mois poster, good condition, and will once again take the best offer. (I will add a picture upon request.)

Johnny's and fashion magazines for sale

Hi everyone! :D

I have some good news for Arashi fans or people who like Japanese magazines!

I am selling my magazines! More information and costs click on my post here

Here is a quick preview of the magazines that I am selling.

Prices start from $5 (AUD) **prices does NOT include handling or shipping fee

Please feel free to ask me any questions! :D

Happy shopping!

fashion magazines

photo 1
photo 4
egg magazine is <3

Tons of Japanese Magazines, MUST GO

Gotta make my bills even if it means selling my beloved magazines. All are in like new condition; no damages. They are heavy so I prefer to ship Flat Rate Envelopes with tracking. I prefer paypal but I am willing to work with anyone who wants these items and ALL PRICES ARE NEGOTIABLE! So throw an offer at me, you will be surprised. Also offering shipping discounts for people wanting multiple items!

I have some posted on ebay but not all are listed and I'm willing to provide discounts to those wanting to work outside ebay to avoid the fees.

Here's the link to what's currently up:
my username's cstorms548

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Hi all :)

I'm selling my copies of ZY (No.30), SHOXX (Vol.177) and FRUiTS (No.124) on ebay.

ZY features: the GazettE (front page), miyavi, La'cryma Christi, RUKA, AN CAFE, D'espairsRay, MUCC, ALvino, LM.C, Kagrra, Kra, Dolly, CELLT and Scar. It also comes with a FREE poster.

SHOXX features: SID (front page), alice nine., an cafe, kagrra,, Kra, LM.C, 12012, D'espairs Ray x Moi Dix Mois, Versailles, Ayabie, Lolita23q, Doremidan, Wizard, SuG, Inugami Circus-dan, SHAZNA, RENTRER EN SOI, gechena, Sugar, Shinkou Shuukyou Gakudan NoGoD, hide presents MIX LEMONed JELLY 2007, 176BIZ, Jully, Tokyo Michael, metronome, modern suite, TINC, UnsraW, Watashime, Dio, Bergerac, Danger Gang, Ruka (Nightmare), D, Phantasmagoria, Kisaki, Vidoll, Mix Speaker's,Inc., Viored, Megamasso and heidi.

All in good condition, all starting at 99p and with postage to anywhere in the world.

I have a 100% positive feedback score and am situated in Greater Manchester, UK.

Check out my ebay selling page here.